DBW Insights: Maureen Johnson, Author of The Name of the Star

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Maureen Johnson The Name of the StarBy Rich Fahle, Founder, Astral Road Media | @richfahle

In this exclusive interview, Maureen Johnson, bestselling author of the just published The Name of the Star, discusses researching her novels, twitter, and author branding.

From the interview:

I hate the idea of author branding. I understand it as a concept. I understand that if you present, for example, were buying an Agatha Christie book you basically know what you’re getting. I mean, it’s going to be a mystery, it’s going to be English, a bunch of people are going to get locked up in a house. You know what you’re getting. But that’s not a brand. That’s just Agatha Christie’s style of writing. I’m very opposed to this idea of building yourself a brand and then forcing yourself into social media. People are being told “Just go online. Just make a website. Just do stuff. Just shout the name of your book.” First of all, it’s boring, and I think the first sin is being boring. If you’re just going to go shout the name of your book, what’s the point? Who wants to listen to that? It would be like listening to someone shout on the street; you would move away, you wouldn’t want to know about it. And I don’t think social media is, well it can be whatever it wants. People can if they want to do it, let them do it, it doesn’t matter. Certainly not to me and probably not to anyone else, but they’re not going to listen to you either. The only thing that I’ve seen that works is just being myself and doing the things that I enjoy.

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3 thoughts on “DBW Insights: Maureen Johnson, Author of The Name of the Star

  1. I agree to some extent with what Maureen Johnson says about doing what makes you feel comfortable. But I don’t think that authors, especially first time authors, can ignore social media and not do it because they are not comfortable. Publishing is becoming much more competitive and everyone is looking at numbers that it is in an author’s best interest to do at least one form of social media. That could be a blog, twitter, facebook, or this new site pinterest.

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