DBW Insights: Mark Allin, SVP Trade and Professional at Wiley

By Rich Fahle, Founder, Astral Road Media | @richfahle

In this exclusive interview, Mark Allin, Senior Vice President, Professional & Trade at John Wiley & Sons discusses global publishing, digital in markets outside the trade, and how to take brands into new kinds of media.

For Wiley, we have traditionally always sought to publish around the world in everything that we have done. So as a professional publisher, as an educational, and as a research publisher, we have always thought of global markets as important to us and acquire content which we can develop and publish around the world. Where it becomes even more exciting is taking a brand like Dummies and working with publishers around the world to localize it. So what Dummies means in the US may be slightly different from what it means in Spain or Portugal or China or India, and working with customers there and authors and our teams there to make a brand like Dummies globally relevant is very exciting.

Wiley has been at this for a long time is the first thing to say. As a 204 year old company, founded in 1807, we have been working on the digital transformation of our business for 15 years or more. So Wiley, in our Scientific Technical and Medical business, that business began to move online in the 1990s and is now largely delivered around the world to researchers, professionals, and libraries digitally online. Our higher education business, delivering solutions for teachers and learners, that business is now being strongly driven by our investment in Wiley Plus, which is a platform that enables students to learn but also professors to interact with those students, to make assignments, and to follow the progress of those students very much based around the outcome. Then in our professional and trade businesses we have been delivering online learning, test preparation, online tools for professional trainers, for over 10 years.

So this for us is an evolution. It is gathering pace certainly, but at the heart of it are the principles and values of Wiley: that we provide high quality knowledge and understanding to our customers around the world. We do it in the forms that they want and they trust us because we are so deeply embedded in those communities.

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