DBW Insights: Jane Friedman

Jane Friedman at Digital Book World 2011Jane Friedman, co-founder and CEO of Open Road Integrated Media, shares insights gleaned from four decades in traditional publishing, and one year out on technology’s cutting edge.

“I am kind of rooted in traditional publishing, but I’ve always been a marketer and marketing has always been of great interest to me. So when I was CEO of HarperCollins with 4,000 employees, I ran a marketing meeting every week.”

“When I had started the audiobooks business in 1985 we thought about how to present audio in a way that was a little bit different than the book itself, and I thought the same thing about ebooks… Did we need additional material to make the ebook viable?”

“When the time was for me to leave traditional publishing, because been there, done that for a long time, I thought… I’m going to become an entrepreneur in a company that’s going to eliminate all the things that caused me a great deal of stress in traditional publishing. The first thing being advances, the second thing being inventory.”

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