DBW Insights: James McQuivey

James McQuivey at Digital Book World 2011James McQuivey, VP and Principal Analyst of Forrester Research, shares results and insights from the DBW/Forrester 2010 Publishing Executive Survey. The survey looked at the perceptions of publishing executives towards the digital transition for trade books.

“At Forrester, we survey thousands of consumers every to find out are they going to buy a Kindle, how do they get books, but what we really were missing was how are publishers feeling about all this? Is everyone going crazy, or is everyone afraid… have they got it all covered?”

“What we found was remarkable on some fronts, but also very reassuring on others. For example, we found out that people are very optimistic. 89% say they think the digital transition is going to be a net positive for the end customer, the reader. And surprisingly, the majority of them think that their company has what it takes to compete throughout the digital transition.”

“Some of them are expressing real significant concern [that] you can only retrain people so much. People aren’t ready to be retrained, or don’t even have the baseline skills needed to go from being a publicity manager for titles to being someone who follows Twitter and promotes activity on a Facebook page. Those are very different skill sets.”

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