DBW Insights: Fauzia Burke, President of FSB Associates

By Rich Fahle, Founder, Astral Road Media | @richfahle

In this exclusive interview, Fauzia Burke, Founder and President of FSB Associates, discusses online book marketing, improving discoverability, her new program Amplify, and building better publicity relationships.

From the interview:

What we’re seeing now is a lot of authors coming to us, and when I talk to them, I tell them that yes, the book is one of the things you’re doing. You may do an ebook, you may do a webcast, you may do an iPad app, you may do a lot of different things, and our job is to make sure that anything you do has some traction. So the ROI a lot of times is building that brand for the author so they can take advantage of different opportunities. A lot of times the authors will see things come to them, like speaking engagements. Things that came to them out of thin air and they’ll go, “How did they even find me?”

But for publishers, one of the things that we’ve been doing is that we’ve lived in publishing in this kind of event marketing model. We have a pub date, we throw a party, we do a little publicity, we throw in a few ads, and then we move on to the next event. That doesn’t really serve the author very much at all, because they work 3, 4, 5, 6, sometimes 12 years on a book and we’ve got this very strict structure in publishing about how well we’re going to promote the book. So what I think we have to do is break that event marketing model. Whether it’s taking the author’s entire list, so if they have 6 books, if they have 8 books, and promote them all. And yes, the new book is going to get a little bit more exposure, because it’s new and because it’s shiny, but everything should have credibility and everything should be promoted equally almost.

If you’re a publisher,  one of the things we’re doing with our ebook publishers, which is where the discoverability comes in, is that we’re creating a program called Amplify. It takes six titles and promotes them for six months, and they’re similar books. So you have an opportunity to really brand, bond with that audience, because you build trust with them. You don’t have a dialogue where, “ok, I’m really interested now, but then when the campaign’s over I’m not going to be talking to you.” You really kind of build a relationship with them, you come back to them with more content, come back to them with more resources. I think that’s going to make a much bigger impact than the event marketing model.

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