DBW Insights: Don Linn

Don Linn at Digital Book World 2011In this exclusive interview, Don Linn, Managing Partner of Linn & Company and former CEO of Consortium Book Sales & Distribution, discusses how to navigate change through experimentation and what might be the “golden age” for small and independent publishers.

From the interview:

I don’t think anyone should be betting the ranch on a particular device, platform, or whatever. And, my encouragement to them is to really do the inside things, invest in workflow, in metadata, in all the of the sort of unsexy but fundamental things that will lay the groundwork so that when winners do emerge on platforms, devices, and so forth, you’re in a position to scoot in there very quickly.

And small guys… are really not in a position to spend a lot of money on apps or special enhancements to their books and stuff.

So, it’s really a matter of: Let’s stay alive. Let’s position ourselves so that when the lights come on in the 12-, 24-, 36-month period, you’ve got a chance to scoot in and do well.

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