DBW Insights: Dominique Raccah

Dominique Raccah at Digital Book World 2011Dominique Raccah, CEO of Sourcebooks, on ebook experimentation, the agility of small book publishers, the new definition of publishing, and learning through failure.

“When I came into this space, I believed two things that were profoundly wrong. I believed that transformation would happen a generation from now… and I believed that it was going to be led by the conglomerates.”

“The lessson is, experiment a lot, broadly, fail a lot, learn from it, and go forward… Failure’s a plus.”

“There’s this agility concept that the tech guys have, I think you have to reconstitute publishing as broader media and technology. Reconstitute us a different vision… anytime, anywhere, any device.”

“It’s always been a disadvantage to be a mid-sized press, but right now, it probably is the biggest advantage we’ve got.”

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