DBW Insights: Dan Blank

In this exclusive interview, Dan Blank, Founder of We Grow Media, discusses why authors and publishers should connect with their readers by engaging in social media.

From the interview:

When a reader comes to your book, it’s not just about the book; it’s about what happens before they get the book, their need, their desire, the things missing from their life and what happens after they put the book down, because ideally your purpose is not just the book, because they’ll read it, and eventually it will be put down, and it will eventually be dust.

It’s the idea that you’re giving them an idea or an experience or entertainment that lives on in their head that they now want to pursue more knowledge in that industry or that genre or more things that you’re doing. They want to connect more with you, or they’re really thinking about this in some way. It’s about this lifespan beyond the book itself.

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2 thoughts on “DBW Insights: Dan Blank

  1. Mr. Nothing

    Dan Blank has absolutely no idea what he is talking about. Despite his claims, he never grew a companies web presence nor did he guide a blogging effort. That was all in place and running by the company he worked for prior to his appearance. Anyone who bothers to take in his advice is making a terrible mistake.

  2. Rich Fahle

    It’s hard to understand where the animosity comes from in the previous, anonymous (of course) post about Dan and his work. Dan is a passionate person wholly focused on helping other writers navigate the changing world of book marketing so that they can reach a personal goal or achieve a dream. His new course is, by all accounts, receiving rave reviews for its usefulness. Dan’s warm, refreshing perspective and enthusiasm for the future of publishing and writing is well-presented in his weekly blog posts. Here’s one of my favorites. Judge for yourself: http://wegrowmedia.com/our-effect-as-writers-and-publishers-creating-the-future/



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