DBW Insights: Bob LiVolsi

In this exclusive interview, Bob LiVolsi, Founder and CEO of BooksOnBoard, discusses customer service, ebook piracy, digital rights management, and independent retailers.

From the interview:

We find that fraud among readers is very light; our fraud rates are less than half a percent. The person that buys a book, that is in a demographic that we see in any event, is generally honest and isn’t going to try to steal, borrow, and move.

And, there are all sorts of stories about how giving way books actually helps stimulate more reading that people pay for.

And those that can’t pay for books, and don’t pay for books, and steal them because they can’t afford them? They’re not going to buy books anyway, so why not feed a reading habit for when they can afford to buy them?

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One thought on “DBW Insights: Bob LiVolsi

  1. Greg Tenni

    Sorry Bob, but you don’t support ALL platforms, and you’re not supporting this customer.
    You still don’t support Windows Phone 7 and haven’t given any indication when you are going to, if ever.
    Since I moved to WP7 last November I have started buying Kindle books because you don’t sell books in any format I can read.



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