What’s the Hashtag, #DBW?

Digital Book WorldWhether you’re following along online, or just want to check out a session you missed, we’ve created this list of all of the hashtags for the Conference.

The primary hashtag for all things Digital Book World is #dbw.

You can also follow our Twitter list of speakers, sponsors and advisors, many of whom will be tweeting throughout the Conference.

NOTE:  To download the Conference Program, click here (PDF).

Monday’s Program

Pre-Conference Meetup #DBWtweetup

Tuesday’s Program

Opening Keynote, Engaging Readers in the Digital Age – Shiv Singh, Razorfish — #dbwshiv

Poetry Speaks: 90 Days In –  Dominique Raccah, SourceBooks — #dbwpoetry

Google Editions: Books in the Cloud – Amanda Edmonds, Google — #dbwgoogle

Digital Book Piracy: It’s here. Let’s deal with it. – Brian Napack, Macmillan — #dbwpiracy

Extracting More Cash From Today’s Business Through a More Efficient Supply Chain – Steve Walker, SBS — #dbwsbs

Book-Buying Behavior in Vertical Channels: Results of Verso Ad Network’s 2009 Consumer Book Survey — #dbwverso

Digital Tools: How the Sales & Marketing Process Is Changing #dbwtools

Getting Comfortable in the Niches: Reports from Publishers Working Their Verticals #dbwniche

Back-Loaded Book Deals: No (and Low) Advance Contracts, Profit-Sharing and Other Innovative Business Models #dbwagents

The Next Generation of eBooks – Invent It or Witness It! #dbwipublish

Optimizing EBooks: Cost Effective Enhancements, Updates, and Multimedia Options #dbwoptimize

Selling Direct to the Consumer: What are Best Practices for Publishers? #dbwdtc

Tomorrow’s Book Contract: New Language and Provisions to Reflect New Conditions #dbwagents

New Ways for Old Ideas: An Innovative Approach to IT Co-Sourcing #dbwaequor

Synergizing the Book and Web: Books Plus In the 21st Century #dbwplus

New Business Models: Changing the Commercial Rules of Publishing #dbwnewbiz

The Changing Agent-Author Relationship: How it Will Affect the Business Model #dbwagents

Winning and Retaining Customers: What Publishers Can Learn From Social Gaming #dbwgaming

Wednesday’s Program

Today’s eBook Consumer – Angela Bole – BISG/Kelly Gallagher – Bowker — #dbwbisg

A Conversation with Raelene Gorlinsky, Ellora’s Cave – Mike Shatzkin — #dbwellora

Getting Past “Good Enough” EBooks – Liza Daly — #dbwebooks

Leveling the Production Playing Field – Print, Web, eReaders, Smart Phones and Beyond – Samir Kakir — #dbwaptara

Panel “EBook Tipping Point”: The New Issues it Creates – Ken Brooks, Michael Cader, Larry Kirshbaum, Evan Schnittman, Moderator: Mike Shatzkin — #dbwtipping

Baker & Taylor BLIO eReader Presentation — #dbwblio

EBook Pricing: What They Should Cost, and Why #dbwprice

How Publishers Can Build Their Own Communities: Using Social Media Tools #dbwsocial

Teach Them to Fish: Empowering Authors to Market Themselves #dbwplatform

Three Technologies You Need to Know For Digital Book Publishing – North Plains Systems #dbwnps

EBook Challenges: Competing with Free and Getting the Timing Right #dbwfree

Fundamentals of an Email List Management Strategy: Capturing and Utilizing Today’s Most Cost-Effective Asset #dbwemail

The New Farm System: Scouting Blogs and Self-Publishers for Commercial Books #dbwselfpub

Getting on the Virtual Shelves: Untangling and Understanding the eBook Supply Chain #dbwdistro

Get Noticed! How to Earn Attention for Every Book #dbwpr

Digital Content and Marketing for the Born Digital Generation: What Juvie and Young Adult Publishers are Doing in the New Marketplace #dbwya

The Future of Publishing is Bright – Guy LeCharles Gonzalez, Digital Book World #dbwfuture

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