Transmedia 101 for Publishers and Authors

Transmedia 101 for Publishers and AuthorsA free WEBcast presented by Digital Book World.

For transmedia novelists (and publishers) to retain creative control will require more than a repurposing of content. This might give a ‘taste’ of what transmedia can ‘do’, but for it to work on all levels it must be intrinsically built in and not bolted on.

–Alison Norrington, “Transmedia Requires New Breed of Writers, Publishers”

Transmedia is officially a buzzword, but depending on whom you ask, its definition will vary wildly. The consistent thread running through most definitions, whether in advertising, film, or gaming, is story — and no one knows the value of a story better than publishers and authors.

In this free WEBcast, Transmedia 101 for Publishers and Authors, we will define transmedia from a publishing perspective, explore the opportunities (and challenges) it presents, and discuss how it changes the traditional models of content creation and acquisition.

  • What is transmedia, and who’s doing it right?
  • Where do books, print and digital, fit in the transmedia picture?
  • What are the rights issues related to transmedia content development?
  • How do the roles of authors, agents and editors change in a transmedia world?

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  • DBW WEBcastsDavid Marlett is the managing director of enkHouse, a transmedia production company based in Dallas and Los Angeles, focused on enhanced eBooks and interactive apps for the publishing, film and other entertainment industries.
  • Alison Norrington is a bestselling chick-lit novelist & transmedia storyteller, currently researching a PhD in Transmedia Storytelling and writing the first romcom transmedia novel – a print, web, GPS and gaming story.  Alison is CEO at storycentralDIGITAL, Online Community Manager for TEDx Transmedia and consults to publishers and university presses globally on utilizing social media and transmedia strategies.
  • Anita Ondine, CEO of Seize the Media, started her career as an intellectual property and technology lawyer, working on large scale, complex technology outsourcing transactions as well as advising clients such as Reuters on the development of their data licensing and internet platforms. She has written a book and several articles, and spoken internationally, on themes related to the intersection of technology, law and business.
  • Chuck Wendig is a novelist, screenwriter, and game designer. He’s been working in the pen-and-paper RPG industry for over a decade, and has contributed to over 85 game books during this time, serving as writer, developer, or both. With writing partner Lance Weiler, is most recent film effort, HiM, won the Arte France Cinema Award at CineMart and was recently selected for the Sundance Screenwriters Lab in January 2010.

Moderated by: Guy LeCharles Gonzalez, Chief Executive Optimist, Digital Book World

Transmedia 101 for Publishers and Authors webcast was live on Tuesday, October 12th @ 1pm EDT / 10am PDT. DBW Members can view the full session in the on-demand archive.

Interested in learning more about using transmedia storytelling and cross-media strategies? Join us at StoryWorld, the only major gathering of industry leaders, decision makers, and transmedia specialists, to explore new business models, innovative partnerships, and fresh revenue streams.

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    I would like permission to re-run this article on Authorlink, along with some information about the conference.

    Publishers: Control IP, Develop Transmedia Brands
    By Simon Pulman, Transmedia Producer, Transmythology


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