Social Media Reality Check (Roundtable: 10/14/10)

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Topic: Social Media Reality Check

This episode of The Roundtable was webcast live at 1pm EDT on Thursday, October 14, 2010.


Laura Dawson, Content Chief, Firebrand Technologies
Kate Rados, Marketing Director, F+W Media
Bridget Warren, Former Co-Owner, Vertigo Books

Moderated by:

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez, Dir. of Programming & Business Development, Digital Book World


The 2010 Social Networking Map

The 2010 Social Networking Map

Social Media Will be ‘Part of Virtually Everything’
By Jason Fell, FOLIO:

In his keynote presentation Greg Coleman, president and chief revenue officer at the Huffington Post, said social media is a vital component to content creation at the Huffington Post. He said the site’s editors are required to have a deep understanding of search engine optimization, and that each editor manages their own SEO practices. “Blogging, aggregation and original, sharable content, regardless of the vertical, is what makes us so successful,” Coleman said. When asked whether he thinks SEO is the same as social media, Coleman said it’s not, but that social media is inherently reliant on SEO, as well as content.

Email Still Tops Facebook for Keeping in Touch

Content-sharing has become a staple of internet usage for most online adults. Research from Chadwick Martin Bailey found that three-quarters of web users are likely to share content with friends and family, and nearly half do so at least once a week. But while much social networking content is built around such shared items, most people still prefer to use email to pass along items of interest. Overall, 86% of survey respondents said they used email to share content, while just 49% said they used Facebook. Broken down by age, the preference for email is more pronounced as users get older. And only the youngest group polled, those ages 18 to 24, reverses the trend, with 76% sharing via Facebook, compared with 70% via email.

The End of the Social Media Adoption Road
Geoff Livingston

From an adoption perspective, we’re likely moving into the laggard stage currently. By year end 2011, social media will not be special, new or unique anymore. In my opinion, online will be just another information source. Companies, nonprofits and the vendors that serve them will settle into a maturation phase where best practices become the point of competition. While there will always be new social technologies to adapt — such as augmented reality and location based technologies — the principles of two way communications will remain the same. It will come down to who can work with communities in the best fashion.

Twitter (as RTd by @DigiBookWorld)

RT @babetteross: #dbw not size of community, its the platform that’s fits your content that makes a platform a better choice. @katerados

RT @pronunciate: U need to not only be prepared to communicate thru social media but also to respond #dbw

RT @Millerchick: #dbw – GO where the conversations you want to be a part of are happening – @ljndawson

RT @MatthewDiener: #dbw Why aren’t publishing employees on social media as themselves, so concerns, comments, etc., go to the right person.

RT @shelfmagazine: #dbw I am finding Twitter great for publishing networking. Plus love dialog with readers in memes like #fridayreads.

RT @floerianthebard: Facebook likes come from intimate involvement; twitter links are more ephemeral (but more numerous) #dbw

RT @BookNet_Canada: “Publishers need a clear email-acquisition program” #dbw

RT @pa4culture: The most reverend @glecharles just preached the longevity of email vs. facebook & twitter #dbw

RT @pa4culture: email vs. social media: the trust factor vs. the echo chamber #dbw

RT @MatthewDiener: #dbw link: Study: Facebook Sharing Trumps Twitter, LinkedIn, E-mail

RT @MatthewDiener: #dbw Has mobile increased number of e-mails we actually read? Has for me. When locked to desk, deleted more w/o reading.

RT @Millerchick: Final conclusions of today’s #DBW Roundtable… EMAIL is STILL King.

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