New Skills for Publishing (Roundtable: 9/16/10)

#DBW RoundtableThe Roundtable is a live, interactive webcast gathering some of the most outspoken industry professionals to debate the hottest publishing issues of the week, as being discussed in traditional media, the blogiverse and on Twitter. From celebrity book deals to eBook rights and pricing to [insert YOUR pet topic here] — if it’s related to books, it’s on the agenda.

Topic: New Skills for Publishing

This episode of The Roundtable was webcast live at 1pm EDT on Thursday, September 16, 2010.


Laura Dawson, Content Chief, Firebrand Technologies
Kate Rados, Marketing Director, F+W Media
Bridget Warren, Former Co-Owner, Vertigo Books

Moderated by:

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez, Dir. of Programming & Business Development, Digital Book World

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Rethinking the Publishing Company
Kassia Krozser, Booksquare

The key difference between an enhanced/transmedia/fill-in-your-buzzword books and books with some additional marketing material is how it is approached in-house from day one. Enhancements must be planned, and they must be logical. This requires vision at the acquisition phase. The editor of the future will consider what serves the work rather than what serves a format, and that editor will be required to consider enhancements for every book published, deciding if they are truly transformative or merely marketing on a case-by-case basis. Our thoroughly modern editor will sometimes go by the the name project developer. Rightly so. Even today, books are projects. Acquisition, editing, artwork, production, marketing…all of these are part of the final product that is known as a book. This project must be shepherded through the entire process, guided by a strong vision. Fragmentation of vision is a guarantee of failure.

Publishers: Control IP, Develop Transmedia Brands
Simon Pulman, Transmythology

Publishers must cease thinking of themselves as merely book – or even eBook  – publishers. Instead, they are now intellectual property distributors, promoters and curators. Those that fail to make this adjustment – starting with the dealmaking and contracts that form that foundation of the business – will eventually die. Publishers need to retain as many rights as possible to intellectual property, allowing them to exploit stories as true Transmedia brands.

Del Toro: The Future Of Storytelling Is Transmedia
Graeme McMillan, Techland

I’m learning, because I want to learn animation, I want to learn video games, I want to learn every… I want to learn book publishing and I want to learn TV. Why? Because, as a storyteller, I’m convinced that in the next five to ten years, we’re going to need to know all of that. All of that… People talk about transmedia, and then some people are very radical and say “That’s not possible,” or “That would be the end of civilization.” I think it’s going to happen. I don’t think it’s going to happen for all things, I think there will be films that will be films, and games that will be games, and so on and so forth. But more and more, things are going to be permeable.

Challenges of Cross-Channel Marketing Integration

But achieving marketing integration can be difficult. According to US online marketers surveyed in June by interactive marketing agency Zeta Interactive, their organizational structure was the top problem, suggesting many companies are still keeping marketing activities siloed rather than working to coordinate them. Technology and the problems of working with multiple vendors and agencies were also an issue, along with a simple lack of cross-channel expertise.

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RT @kellymcclymer: #DBW Roundtable is talking about changes in publishing “Don’t look for a job — make it up.” Yes! That’s what I’m doing.

RT @babetteross: .@ljndawson made up her job until her job became mainstream #dbw (And, Congrats again on firebrand!)

RT @eBookNoir: #DBW – i think pubs miss out on some great talent because they focus on the wrong credentials and are stuck in their ways

RT @QOfTheDayBook: Sounds like many in publishing who decided to create their future are now several steps ahead. #dbw

RT @Knownhuman: #DBW Transmedia and publishing – don’t presuppose that publishing is only going in one direction. Expect all directions.

RT @babetteross: Greatest asset for you in your job: CURIOSITY @ljndawson #dbw

RT @danatrombles: it’s the myopic “digital or traditional” myth that is simply not true. we are beyond the point [of] one or the other #dbw

RT @JJmaddn: You need to speak same language as your more savvy multi-media author/producers for them to want to work with you. #dbw

RT @MatthewDiener: #dbw New job desc: Proof you can complete projects successfully. Willing to learn new biz models, tech. 90% of jobs.

RT @MatthewDiener: Curiosity, ability to work w/ team, persistence, willingness to have fun: skills you need in new publishing world. #dbw

RT @vertigobooks: I think curiousity/creativity/learning will take you there. But the org. has to allow experiments to fail. #dbw

RT @eBookNoir: #dbw – if the job doesn’t exist, make it up… that’s just awesome and so right on [Hat tip: @debbiestier and Jane Friedman]


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