Enhanced Ebooks Today: What, How and Why

ElementsThe Enhanced Ebook University (E2BU) project, a joint effort of The Idea Logical Company (ILC) and Digital Book World (DBW), will launch with its first WEBcast on Tuesday, June 29, at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT: Enhanced Ebooks Today, an indispensable survey of the state of the burgeoning ebook market.

In this free 60-minute WEBcast, our panelists will discuss their apps and other notable ebook products in today’s enhanced ebook marketplace.


  • Jessica Goodman of John Wiley & Sons oversaw the creation of the app for her house’s classic cookbook, “How to Cook Everything.”
  • Theodore Gray, author, developer and founder of Touch Press, took his Black Dog & Leventhal book The Elements and turned it into a sensational interactive app that has been one of the most popular paid apps offered for the iPad to-date.
  • Rhys Cazenove, co-founder of Enhanced Editions, developer and publisher of one of last year’s most acclaimed enhanced ebooks, The Death of Bunny Munro.

Enhanced Ebook UniversityKirk Biglione, E2BU Chief Technology Officer, will moderate the discussion on what kinds of enhancements are possible, how they use them, and what advantages they offer readers.

They’ll explore the boundaries between enhanced ebooks and apps and the implications of enhancing book content, as well as other critical topics, including:

  • How big is the ebook market and what enhancements readers are most likely to be willing to pay for?
  • What we should expect in a basic ebook, and what is an “enhancement”?
  • Does marketing content, like author interviews and reading guides, really qualify as an “enhanced” experience?

Who should attend:

  • Publishing execs looking to quickly gather key developments in the enhanced ebook space.
  • Editors interested in finding what works (and what’s unnecessary) for displaying their authors’ content.
  • Publicists and marketers who want to know whether adding a book trailer counts as an enhancement (and whether producers and readers will see it that way).
  • Trade and Specialty sales people interested in understanding the market leaders making money today.
  • Production professionals with an eye towards competent ebook creation.

Enhanced Ebooks Today was webcast live on Tuesday, June 29, at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT. DBW Members can view the on-demand archive.

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The E2BU project was launched by ILC and DBW in response to the increased interest in ebooks in general, and the myriad options available to publishers, authors, and readers to improve the book experience via digital technologies. It is clear that more and more money will be spent by content creators in the coming months to develop these new-fangled products and it is just as clear that nobody really knows what works, what doesn’t, what readers want, and what they will pay for. The first WEBcast, free for all registrants, will set the stage for an educational program that will continue twice-monthly throughout the Summer and Fall.

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