Enhanced Ebook University (E2BU)

Enhanced Ebook UniversityEveryone is talking about enhanced ebooks, but nobody seems to know exactly what they are. What are our options for enhancement? How much does it cost? Who makes enhanced ebooks? Do we outsource the workflow? Can we create it in-house? Do we even have the rights?

Before publishers integrate enhanced ebooks into their business model and develop marketing strategies, they need to attend Enhanced Ebook University (E2BU). We gather the top publishers, agents, developers, and experts together to explore all the options, now and in the future, in a practical, business-minded approach. There’s no fluff, no tech jargon, no fawning over devices – E2BU’s 10 sessions zero in on the unique issues publishers (and authors) need to understand to craft competent enhancements that satisfy readers and sell books.

Individual sessions cost $39 each or you may register for the E2BU Program Package, which includes the entire WEBcast series (live and on-demand) plus the E2BU White Paper, Enhanced eBooks Today and Tomorrow: A Survey for Authors and Publishers, for only $299 — a savings of over $100.

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On-Demand (FREE) | Enhanced Ebooks Today

Everybody is talking about enhanced ebooks, but nobody seems to know exactly what they are. This session kicks off E2BU with a critical look at the current enhanced ebook marketplace and a discussion of when, why, and how to enhance digital book content.

  • Jessica Goodman, John Wiley & Sons (How to Cook Everything)
  • Theo Gray, Author and developer (The Elements)
  • Rhys Cazenove, Enhanced Editions (The Death of Bunny Munro)

On-Demand | Changing Rights Models for Enhanced Ebooks

Enhanced ebooks challenge traditional rights models by combining text, audio, video, and interactive elements into a single package. In this session, we explore the rights complications that arise for enhanced ebooks and discuss potential new licensing models.

  • Devereux Chatillion, Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP
  • Richard Curtis, Richard Curtis Associates, Inc. & E-Reads
  • John Schline, Penguin Group USA

On-Demand ($39 / $23 for DBW Members) | What Is an Enhanced Ebook?

This session will navigate different enhancement options and discuss the possibilities and limitations of each. We will assess what makes sense when enhancing an ebook and what “enhancements” are becoming elements of basic ebook making.

  • Liza Daly, President of Threepress Consulting
  • Peter Meyers, author of the E2BU report, “Enhanced Ebooks Today and Tomorrow”
  • Peter Costanzo, Director of Online Marketing for The Perseus Books Group

On-Demand ($39 / $23 for DBW Members) | Making Sense of Platforms for Enhanced Ebook Delivery

There’s no shortage of digital reading systems, but not all of them are equally suited to delivery of enhanced content. This session will explore the latest generation of reading devices and platforms and discuss which platforms are best suited for delivery of enhanced ebooks.

  • Pablo Defendini, Interactive Producer at Open Road Integrated Media
  • Michel Kripalani, President of Oceanhouse Media, Inc.
  • Michael Wolf, Vice President of Research at GigaOM Pro

On-Demand ($39 / $23 for DBW Members) | Enhanced Ebooks for Authors
As an author, what do you need to know about enhanced ebooks? This session will explore your role as author in creating enhancements, what you should consider, and what you need to be doing as part of your regular workflow. We will look at examples of enhanced ebooks and discuss which enhancements work best for which kinds of content.

  • J.C. Hutchins, award-winning new media storyteller
  • Bob Kasher, Business Development Manager for Integrated Solutions at The BookMasters Group
  • Peter Meyers, author of the E2BU report, “Enhanced Ebooks Today and Tomorrow”
  • Debbie Stier, Director of Digital Marketing for HarperCollins

August 18 ($39 / $23 for DBW Members) | Enhanced Ebooks and the Social Web
The experience of digital reading is rapidly evolving, and authors, publishers, and developers are experimenting with new ways of engaging and interacting with readers. This session will examine the broad range of social enhancement and interaction opportunities available for ebooks and other forms of digital content. We will discuss social reading platforms and ways of integrating social media. We will look at online book communities and collaborative writing projects. If the internet is a social space, what will consumers want and expect as more reading is done on web-enabled devices?

  • Travis Alber, co-founder of BookGlutton
  • Richard Nash, consultant to authors and publishers and founder of Cursor

September 8 ($39 / $23 for DBW Members) | Choices and Challenges for Enhanced Ebook Production
This session will address the questions and considerations publishers must face when producing enhanced ebooks. We will weigh the pros and cons of in-house production versus outside developers. We will examine how consumer expectations and technological limitations impact production, and we will look at the current strategies of major houses and talk with potential vendors.

September 22 ($39 / $23 for DBW Members) | The Brave New World of Ebook Analytics
New technologies and ways of consuming content create new possibilities for gauging marketing efforts, measuring sales, and understanding reader patterns. Using analytic tools, publishers can gather relevant data and make future business decisions informed by the actual behaviors of their customers. This session aims to introduce the analytic tools available to publishers and to explore how those tools can impact ebook enhancements.

October 6 ($39 / $23 for DBW Members) | Collaborating with Authors on Enhanced Ebooks
Ebook enhancements require increased communication and interaction between the publisher and author. Enhancements may require extra writing, reference materials, or continuing engagement with the content. This session will investigate what publishers can expect and ask of authors and how publishers should work with authors to collaboratively create enhancements.

October 20 ($39 / $23 for DBW Members) | Marketing Enhanced Ebooks
If the publishing industry is asking itself ‘What is an enhanced ebook?’, then consumers must surely be asking the same question. How do we market a product that has little precedent? In this session, we will talk with marketing experts and innovators to unravel new marketing challenges and uncover new opportunities in enhanced ebooks.



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Enhanced Ebook University is a partnership of The Idea Logical Company and Digital Book World. With the help of Kirk Biglione, co-founder of Medialoper, The Idea Logical Company is providing the content for E2BU’s report and the webinar series. Digital Book World is managing the community involvement, marketing, and providing the behind-the-scenes hosting and technical support.


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