Ebook 202: Design/Production Intensive WEBcasts

Joshua TallentAn Intensive WEBcast series, presented by Digital Book World.

Spinning out of our introductory Ebook 101 and Ebook 102 WEBcasts, we’re excited to announce a brand new DBW Intensive WEBcast series, Ebook 202: Design/Production Intensive, once again taught by Joshua Tallent, Founder/CEO, eBook Architects.

Ebook 202.3: ePUB – Enhancements, Limitations, and Prognostications
Wednesday, November 24th @ 1pm ET
(On-demand after)

The rapidly-changing ebook market has led to some interesting advancements in the way the ePUB format has been adapted by different retailers, especially Apple. While ePUB3 is still in development, and these adaptations are not always in compliance with the current ePUB standard, they do offer compelling enhancement capabilities to content creators.

This WEBcast will look at how these enhancements are coded, talk about the breadth of their adoption, and give you practical advice on how to best approach implementing them into your own content and workflow. It will also briefly cover the basics of ePUB development, with tips for making your eBooks look and function great in all of the major ePUB devices.

$39 / $23 for DBW Members
Ebook 202 Package: $100 / $60 for DBW Members

Ebook 202.1: Ebook Devices, Formats, and Retailers – Post-iPad

The ebook world is changing fast. This WEBcast will review the current status of the eBook devices, formats, and distribution options available to publishers and authors.

We’ll take a step back to look at where things are now with an overview of eBook technologies and companies, and special emphasis on how authors and publishers can most easily interact with them and benefit from them. We’ll also take an educated guess on where things are headed in the future.

$39 / $23 for DBW Members
Ebook 202 Package: $100 / $60 for DBW Members

NOTE: On-Demand WEBcasts are available in n M4V (Mac) or WMV (Windows) formats.

DBW Ebook 202 Intensive WEBcast Series

Ebook 202.2: The Kindle — Format, Features and Influence

Amazon has been busy over the last few years, building a well-rounded ebook ecosystem that, by most accounts, controls the majority of ebook sales. This WEBcast will dive into the Kindle format, how it has changed since the first Kindle device came out, and how it is influencing the way we see ebooks. We will show you how enhancements like video and audio can be added to Kindle ebooks, and we’ll talk about the differences in formatting found across the various Kindle devices and software applications. We will also give you a brief overview of the basic steps in Kindle eBook development.

This practical session will help you create better Kindle ebooks by giving you a real feel for how your formatting will look when it is read by your customers.

$39 / $23 for DBW Members
Ebook 202 Package: $100 / $60 for DBW Members

NOTE: On-Demand WEBcasts are available in n M4V (Mac) or WMV (Windows) formats.


Joshua Tallent has been an eBook developer since 2002, and is an expert on formatting eBooks in the variety of formats on the market, including Kindle/Mobipocket and ePub. His book, Kindle Formatting: The Complete Guide, has been praised as the most helpful and thorough explanation of the detailed process involved in developing eBooks for the Amazon Kindle. eBook Architects, his eBook conversion and consulting business, provides services to both publishers and authors. Joshua resides in Austin, Texas, with his wife and two daughters.

He can be found online at ebookarchitects.com and @jtallent or @ebookarchitects.

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  1. Mary Flanagan

    I purchased these webinars on 11/23/10 but have been unable to view two of them. I sent three emails beginning on 12/2 and one phone call over a week ago to the number on my order confirmation. The rep I spoke to said she was also unable to access them and would call me back.

    She has not called back, and I’ve received no reply to my emails.

    The order confirmation said to visit your online Customer Service FAQs but did not provide a link. I did a search on your site for that term, but guess what? No such item exists.

    Given this experience, I would never consider attending a DBW conference.



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