Ebook 102: From Print to Enhanced Ebooks/Apps

Ebook 201: From Print to Enhanced eBooks and AppsA free WEBcast presented by Digital Book World and Aptara.

Enhanced ebooks and apps aren’t simple, natural extensions of their printed counterparts. They require a great deal of careful planning, due to differences in eReader capabilities and implementations, as well as complexities of the original publication.

Join us for Ebook 102: From Print to Enhanced Ebooks and Apps, a show and tell, of sorts, as we walk you through the development and production process from print to enhanced eBooks and apps.

Using a real life book as an example, we’ll review the key planning and execution considerations each step of the way:

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  1. Selecting the material
    1. Source material
    2. Evaluating enhancement options
    3. Selecting enhancement strategy
  2. Conversion
    1. Text
    2. Images
    3. Enhancements
  3. Taking different reader capabilities into account
    1. Graceful degradation
    2. Device-specific version


  • Stacy Boyd, Senior Editor, Silhouette Desire/Harlequin
  • Eric Freese, Solutions Architect, Aptara
  • Caroline Grill, Manager, Ebooks and Business Development, HYPERION/VOICE

Moderated by Guy LeCharles Gonzalez, Dir. of Programming & Business Development, Digital Book World

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Ebook 102: From Print to Enhanced Ebooks/Apps WEBcast was live on Tuesday, November 2nd @ 1pm EDT / 1o AM PDT. DBW Members can view the session in the On-Demand archive.

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  1. Racheli Edelman

    I tried to get into your webinar but my media player did not show it apparently because od
    f some firewall programm that I fail to find out how to chsnge.

    Please advise if you can.


    Racheli Edelman



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