eBook 101: Designing for Kindle and ePub

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Formatting eBooks in the Kindle and ePub formats can be a challenge for the uninitiated, and outsourcing solutions still require an internal QA process to ensure publishers are offering readers the same level of quality in eBooks as they do in print.

In this free Digital Book World WEBcast, “eBook 101: Designing for Kindle and ePub“, Joshua Tallent (Founder/CEO of eBook Architects and author of Kindle Formatting: The Complete Guide), and Matthew LeBlanc (Mgr of Production and Prepress, Adams Media), will offer insights on the major formats and the conversion process, and tips on modifying and optimizing a traditional print workflow:

  • An introduction to the Kindle format
  • An introduction to the ePub format (NOTE: The Nook and iPad support ePub)
  • An overview of typical conversion processes
  • Modifying an existing Adobe Creative Suite PDF print workflow

This free, live WEBcast took place on Tuesday, February 16th @ 1pm EST // 10am PST.

DBW members can view the entire archived presentation, with audio, here, and also check out LeBlanc’s “InDesign CS4-to-ePub: Best Practices” tips.

NOTE: Spinning out of our introductory eBook 101: Designing for Kindle and ePub WEBcast, we’re excited to offer the following eBook 201: eBook Production Intensive WEBcast series, taught by Joshua Tallent, Founder/CEO, eBook Architects.

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10 thoughts on “eBook 101: Designing for Kindle and ePub

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  3. Donna Fasano

    I have a book for sale on Kindle. Formatting it to the required specifications wasn’t really a challenge. Just take things one step at a time and pay attention to detail.

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  5. Lindsey Thomas Martin

    Useful material here. Thanks. One minor complaint: pointer/cursor bobbed about on screen much of the time; distracting.

    1. Guy LeCharles Gonzalez

      Thanks, Lindsey: glad you found it useful. That bobbing cursor was probably my fault! There were an unusually high number of questions during the session and I was multi-tasking behind the scenes; I forget that the cursor is visible depending on where it is. 🙂

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