Don’t Believe the Hype (Roundtable: 9/30/10)

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Topic: Don’t Believe the Hype

This episode of The Roundtable was webcast live at 1pm EDT on Thursday, September 30, 2010.


Pablo Defendini, Interactive Producer, Open Road Integrated Media
Kate Rados, Marketing Director, F+W Media

Special Guests:

Rebecca Smart, Managing Director, Osprey Publishing/Shire
Sarah Weinman, Publishing Reporter, AOL’s DailyFinance

Moderated by:

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez, Dir. of Programming & Business Development, Digital Book World


Will the Sony Portable Reading System Revolutionize Publishing?
Charles Hughes, Associated Content – January 18, 2007

Readers do encounter typographical glitches in Sony’s reader, however, that even the cheapest paperback avoids. Letter spacing is sometimes haphazard. The letter “i” is especially susceptible to straying too far away from the letter preceding it, giving the appearance of a word break. Hyphenation is non-existent, so justified text can have gullies running through it, especially with large type. A last italicized word will sometimes lean into the next word. And page breaks fall where they may, even if it leaves a single word stranded on the next page. Hopefully some of these shortcomings can be overcome as the product matures. (The product allows downloading of firmware updates.) As some compensation, the reader can pick three sizes of type for any non-PDF book, a boon to weak-sighted readers.

Anthony Zuiker’s ‘Level 26’ marks origin of the ‘digi-novel’
Bob Minzesheimer, USA TODAY – May 11, 2009

Anthony Zuiker, creator of the hit TV series CSI and its two spinoffs, says his new multimedia “digi-novel” will launch a “revolution in publishing for the YouTube generation.” Level 26: Dark Origins, to be published by Dutton Sept. 8, is the first in a series in which each book will be supplemented with 20 videos, or “cyber-bridges,” featuring actors playing characters from the novel.

Google Editions ebook platform to challenge Amazon Kindle – October 16, 2009

The move will pit Google against Amazon, which has its own online ebook store and ebook reader, the Kindle. Tom Turvey, head of Google Book Search’s publisher partnership program, said the store would launch next year, and would initially offer around 400,000 to 600,000 books. Publishers would set the price of titles.

iPad will revolutionize publishing – someday
Carmi Levy, – January 29, 2010

While iPad v1.0 doesn’t exactly hit it out of the park either for the publishing industry, it lays a pretty solid foundation that, like the iPhone before it, points us nicely toward v2.0 and 3.0. For now, the iBook Store begins the long, slow move of paper-bound publishers into electronic distribution in much the same way iTunes dragged the then-moribund record industry into the Internet.

Ray Kurzweil’s e-reader turns a page
Ina Fried, CNET – September 28, 2010

In short, Blio has reached the market, but I’m not sure that the market opportunity it outlined still exists. On the positive side, the company has managed to land a new partner in the intervening months–PC maker Toshiba, which plans to use Blio as the basis to turn its PCs into e-reading devices. I’ve been playing around with the Windows version of Blio for the past few days. And while it does a nice job with color books that wouldn’t look great on my Kindle, I’m not sure it has a clear advantage over the PC or iPad versions of the Kindle or Nook software.

Seabird concept phone designer talks about need for better interfaces
Matt Hamblen, Computerworld

Designer Billy May’s concept smartphone, the Seabird, might never be produced. But the underlying concepts in the phone — and inside May’s head– are a wonder, nonetheless. “Anybody expecting full fruition of Seabird will be disappointed, I think,” May told Computerworld on Friday, a day after the concept phone appeared on Mozilla Labs’ Concept Series Web site .

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RT @MatthewDiener: Seems the 5 major eBook players all have own devices. Is this why Blio, Copia, etc. are all facing uphill battle? #dbw

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