Digitize Your Career: Design & Production Forum

Digitize Your Career: Design & Production ForumThe publishing industry is in transition and the skills needed to stay ahead of the curve are rapidly changing. Book Design and Production responsibilities are very different than they were five years ago, and understanding how to take advantage of the new opportunities will be critical for career advancement.

From MS Word to InDesign to XML, the transition to a digital workflow is fraught with challenges, some technological, some financial. Digital Book World’s Digitize Your Career: Design & Production Forum will address these opportunities and offer practical tactics to optimize your workflow, no matter where you are in the transitional process.

Digitize Your Career: Design & Production Forum
Thursday, May 13th, 9am – 5pm EDT
601 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY


Your XML Repository

We have a product database already; why do we need an XML repository? As the industry shifts from print-centric to digital-centric, how can an XML repository help? What is check-in and check-out? Can I store old drafts? How many people will have access to a manuscript and what sorts of controls are available?

Managing Digital Assets

What IS a digital asset, exactly? How is a DAM different from storing all my files at the printer’s? What are the tangible benefits of having a DAM?

XML Authoring Tools

We’ll discuss new applications that ease the transition between Word and InDesign. How intuitive are they?

Optimizing an InDesign Workflow

What tools are available in InDesign CS4 to help produce ePub files? Can I begin to centralize my workflow and publish many different formats from the same original file? What functionality is available for print-disabled/ADA compliance requirements?


  • Laura Dawson, Publishing Industry Consultant, LJNDawson.com
  • Steve Kotrch, Director of Publishing Technology, Simon & Schuster
  • Matthew LeBlanc, Manager of Production and Prepress, Adams Media
  • Matt Turner, Principal Technologist, MarkLogic


  • $150 // DBW Members: $90
  • Lunch is included with registration.

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