Digital Book World Announces the Publishing Innovation Awards

Recognizing and honoring excellence in ebook and book app design and production

Digital Book WorldDigital Book World, the publishing community for the 21st century, has announced a new awards program focused exclusively on ebooks and book apps – the Publishing Innovation Awards.

The Publishing Innovation Awards will recognize the best ebooks and book apps based on their merits in the areas of origination, development, production, design, and marketing.  To celebrate the launch of the awards, organizers at Digital Book World 2011 Conference + Expo will present the inaugural Publishing Innovation Awards in five categories – Fiction, Non-Fiction, Reference, Children’s, and Comics — during their opening ceremony on January 24th, 2011 at the Sheraton Hotel & Towers in New York City.

“The Publishing Innovation Awards will honor those making strides in this nascent medium,” said David Nussbaum, CEO of F+W Media, parent company to Digital Book World. “As the mission of Digital Book World is to learn, share and celebrate innovation in our industry, the Publishing Innovation Awards are a natural extension to the community.”

To advise the launch of the Publishing Innovation Awards, Digital Book World has recruited some of the brightest minds working at the intersection of publishing and technology, including Peter Costanzo, Online Marketing Director of Perseus Books Group, Elizabeth Castro, author of EPUB: Straight to the Point, and Peter Meyers, author of Best iPad Apps and the E2BU white paper, “Enhanced Ebooks Today and Tomorrow: A Survey for Authors and Publishers.” Liza Daly, president of Threepress Consulting and developer of Bookworm, ePub Zen Garden & Ibis Reader,  and Joshua Tallent, founder/CEO of eBook Architects and author of Kindle Formatting: The Complete Guide, will assist the panel in selecting and judging the inaugural winners.

“The Publishing Innovation Awards will honor both the publishers, traditional and non-traditional, and developers of ebooks and book apps that best illustrate the myriad possibilities beyond simply replicating the print experience,” said Guy LeCharles Gonzalez, Director of Programming and Business Development for Digital Book World. “The Awards will not only be a valuable honor for authors, but also benefit publishers and developers by providing a prominent marketing platform for their finest titles.“

Digital Book World 2011 Conference + Expo — taking place January 24-26, 2011 in New York City — is the only conference of its kind, specifically for trade publishers. Other conferences focus on new technologies as they relate to content creation, but only Digital Book World speaks directly to trade publishers—addressing their immediate needs and future goals to not only survive, but thrive in the changing world of book publishing.

Digital Book World 2011 will present the proven innovators working at the intersection of publishing and technology who have the experience, insights and strategies to meet the challenge of successfully managing risks and seizing opportunities.

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