Digital Book World 2010: Link Roundup (updated)

Digital Book World 2010 ConferenceThere was a lot of amazing information, insight and inspiration offered up over the two days of our inaugural Digital Book World Conference, and we’ll be presenting a lot of it here over the next few weeks. In the meantime, here’s an assortment of links to coverage and reactions to the conference.

On this week’s edition of The Roundtable (1/28 @1pm EST), we will be discussing the highlights, controversies and takeaways from the conference. Let us know your highlights and takeaways here in the comments, or on Twitter with the #dbwhigh hashtag and we’ll reference some of them in our discussion.

NOTE: Newest links start at the top.

The continuing education of a literary agent
–Robin Mizell, Robin Mizell Ltd

Digital Book World Attendees Address Changing Future of Reading
–Barbara A. Genco, Library Journal

DBW Summary
–Ryan Chapman

E-Book Evolution
–Andrea Chambers, NYU Pub Posts

Digital Book World Panel Explores No- and Low-Advance Author Contracts
Book Business

eBooks, ePublishing, and Reflections on the Digital Book World Conference.
–Christina Ponte (a.k.a DaintyNinja)

Digital Book World Conference – Day 2 (being anti-social while using social media)
–Marian Schembari

More Than Ever, It’s an Online World
–Jim Milliot, Publishers Weekly

How Publishers Can Use Virtual Currency
–Jason Boog, GallleyCat

E-books Should Be Like Television (And Other Ideas from Digital Book World)
–Edward Nawotka, Publishing Perspectives

Digital Book World Keynote: Shiv Singh of Razorfish, Engaging readers in the digital age
–Paul Biba, TeleRead

Majority of pirated files are not hacked ebooks: they are scanned pbooks, manuscripts and galleys
–Paul Biba, TeleRead

Forty-nine percent of surveyed consumers unlikely to buy dedicated e-book readers
–Paul Biba, TeleRead

(More from TeleRead)

Google Presents Google Editions at Digital Book World

–Craig Morgan Teicher, eBookNewser

How Publishers Will Cope with Amazon’s Monopoly
–Jason Boog , GalleyCat

The Economics of Digital Readership
–Jason Boog, GalleyCat

Publishers Meet the BLIO eReader
–Jason Boog, GalleyCat

Digital Book World: Debating E-Rights Issues
–Rachel Deahl, Publishers Weekly

Digital Book World: Little Consensus on e-Book Pricing, Timing
–Jim Milliot, Publishers Weekly

Digital Book World: The Piracy, Social Media, And Will Publishers Ever Understand New Technology? Conference

–Steve Ross, Huffington Post

Two New Approaches to Publishing: Notes from Digital Book World
–Peter Ginna, Dr. Syntax

Digital Book World: Get Noticed! How to Earn Attention for Every Book
–Yen Cheong, The Book Publicity Blog

Notes from My DBW Panel
–Ryan Chapman

The Author Publisher Partnership
–M.J. Rose, Buzz, Balls & Hype

Publishers Versus Readers
–Mike Cane, The eBook Test

Digital Book World 2010 – Live from New York City
–Brian Hughes, EdLab at Teachers College, Columbia University

Digital Book World: Day One in The House
–Mick Rooney

A couple favorite moments from Digital Book World
–Jon Renaut, Ebooks Yearn to Be Free

Digital Book World
–Chris Morrow, Northshire Bookstore’s Blog

#DBW–day 1
–Stacy Boyd