DBW Weekly Roundup: 6/11/10

DBW News RoundupDigital Book World presents a weekly round-up of some of the most interesting news, commentary and tweets related to publishing that you may have missed, from all over the digital book world:

Steve Jobs live from WWDC 2010

  • engadget liveblogged (with many pictures) Jobs’ WWDC keynote which included the controversial comment and slide about iBooks’ 22% market share.

Of Apple, iPad and the eBooks Pie: ‘Oops, We Really Only Have 10% of Total eBook Sales’

  • “Without getting into too much inside baseball here, it is also worth pointing out that the publishers’ figures are further skewed by the fact that, in addition to the fact that neither Random House nor thousands of smaller publishers were included in the sample, any market share figures offered by the second largest publisher, Pearson’s Penguin Group (PSO), are worthless due to the fact that all of Penguin’s new release bestsellers were held out of the Kindle Store for nearly all of the two-month period under discussion.”
    • NOTE: Even 10% is probably way too high considering the larger pool of books available electronically from small and self-publishers who typically aren’t accounted for in market share guesstimates.

eBook Indexes & User Interface Features

  • “Imagine a web browser without a back button.  Pretty awful, right?  So why do we have to live with e-readers without back buttons?”

VQR Now Available for the iPad

  • “At this early stage in their development, most e-books are crude looking compared to a well-designed print publication. They have few or no images, very little thought is put into typography, layout, or the reader’s experience. The ePub edition of VQR is quite the opposite. We have produced what we believe to be the most advanced ePub available. Period.”

Four Publishing Conversations Worth Following

  • “There is a TON of information online about books and the ever-shifting landscape of publishing. It just takes so long to sift through everything to find something of worth, that you could actually use. But there are four conversations I always check in on, via Twitter.”

The Elephant in the Room

  • “Believe that this issue affects the future of publishing every bit as much as emerging technologies. As someone said, the world is a salad, not a melting pot, and becomes ever more so. Want to sell more books? Market books to the real world, as it is now, and as it’s becoming. A truly diverse, exciting publishing program cannot be achieved with a 98% Caucasian workforce.”

Tweet of the Week

InDesign to ePUB

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