Content Strategy 101 for Publishers and Authors

Content Strategy 101A free WEBcast presented by Digital Book World.

“To truly differentiate yourself online, you must offer content that specifically and authentically embodies your brand. Your content must be unique to your organization, in topic and tone. Your content must help your audience do something — better, smarter, and with greater ease.”


Since the first brochureware web sites of the mid 90s were uploaded to the world wide web, the digital transition has effectively leveled the playing field for distribution, redefining what it means to be a publisher. With everyone from brand marketers to social media gurus laying claim to the title, there’s an avalanche of content being “published” online every day that’s made it increasingly difficult for readers to filter through and find what they need.

While many of these new media publishers struggle to acquire and/or generate quality content, traditional publishers (and authors) face a slightly different challenge: how to effectively leverage all of the quality content they’ve acquired and/or generated to do more than just publish a book?

In this free WEBcast, Content Strategy 101 for Publishers and Authors, we’ll explore what content strategy means for publishers and authors when “the book” is only one of many potential vehicles to “publish” a story.

“Content” now means more than just the words and pictures that end up in a book, physical or digital. It can mean enhancements like audio and video; core and enriched metadata, like reviews, indexes and bibliographies; social reading and transmedia opportunities; and even user-created content like commentaries, fan fiction/art/videos, etc.

  • How must author and editorial roles evolve, and where are the opportunities for publishers?
  • What rights issues come into play when thinking beyond the traditional book deal?
  • Where is the line between sales and marketing, and how to determine ROI for both?


  • Dan Blank, Founder, We Grow Media
  • Peter Costanzo, Director of Online Marketing, The Perseus Books Group
  • James Mathewson, Editor in Chief,
  • Robert Pratten, Founder,

Moderated by: Guy LeCharles Gonzalez, Chief Executive Optimist, Digital Book World

Content Strategy 101 for Publishers and Authors webcast was live on Tuesday, November 16th @ 1pm ET / 10am PT. DBW Members can view the full session in the On-Demand Archive.


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