Marketing in the Digital Age: Batteries Not Included

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“The transition from shouting to conversation will challenge your marketing department. It’s a fundamental change in attitude.”

GROUNDSWELL: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies

The shifting of authority and influence from traditional media outlets to literary bloggers and passionate reader-critics has forever changed marketing for publishers and authors. It’s not enough to host a random blog, build a Facebook page or create a Twitter account; you need an integrated strategy to capitalize on these tools to earn your audience’s attention. Engaging directly with readers is a must nowadays, but the myriad of forums and platforms where that engagement might take place can be daunting, especially when a fascination with the “new shiny” and not fulfilling readers’ needs, is the driving force.

The opportunities are unprecedented, but there’s no rulebook for how to profitably take advantage of them.

Marketing in the Digital Age: Batteries Not Included, a free webinar from Digital Book World, will get past the hype and focus on the key opportunities and challenges presented by social media tools, including:

  • Building a brand using social media tools
  • Being “authentic” and becoming a valued member of the community
  • Engaging directly with new media influencers and reader-critics
  • Integrating social media into overall marketing strategy
  • Defining and determining ROI

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez, Director of Audience Development for Digital Book World will moderate a lively and provocative discussion with Jane Friedman, Publisher & Editorial Director, Writer’s Digest Community; Diana Vilibert, Web Editor, Marie Claire; and Patrick Boegel, Director, Media Integration, Media Logic.

Marketing in the Digital Age: Batteries Not Included was held on Wednesday, November 11th @ 1 pm EST.

The slides and a recap of the presentation can be found here, but they only give a hint of the great conversation that took place; DBW members can view the entire archived presentation, with audio, here.

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